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4 Paws Merch

I am a passionate artist and an avid lover of animals. I started painting portraits of people's pets many years ago and in 2014 I launched a business called 4 Paws Portraits. Since then, I have donated 10% of my proceeds to no-kill rescues and shelters across the US.

4 Paws Merch is a natural extension of what I was already doing, and it is my mission to create products that are of high quality and that I myself would buy.  All of the products on this site feature original designs that were first drawn, then digitized.

I continue to donate a portion of all of my sales. The number of dogs in shelters continues to grow every day and sadly, they aren't always properly cared for which is why it has become my mission to give back to these animals, who inspire me every day!


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Email Your Friends!Dear Animal Loving Friends and Family,
I know you're all very busy, but allow me to pull at your heart strings for just a minute, and then I'll get to the point. The number of animals in shelters is growing every day, to the point of over-crowding, and sadly, not all of them receive the care they need.  There's this really cool company called 4 Paws Merch that donates a portion of their proceeds to no-kill rescues and shelters across the U.S. and the stuff they sell happens to be really awesome! Do yourselves a favor a check them out at 

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For every purchase you make @4PawsMerch will donate to no-kill rescues and shelters. Check out the cool merch you can buy here:




Thank you for your support,

Stephanie Sullivan
Owner, Artist, Avid Lover of Animals

Stephanie Sullivan    Stephanie's Pug

Sizing Charts

Sizing Charts

Before placing an order, please make sure to check these sizing charts!  In general, the t-shirts tend to size slightly on the large size so for a more fitted look, go one size down from your usual.

We know it's a pain to get out that tape measure, but because we are a teenie tiny company, and because each item is custom printed for YOU, we cannot accept returns based on sizing issues - hence the handy sizing charts!

Adult Basic Tees

Unisex Tee Sizing Chart

Adult Triblend T-Shirts

Adult Triblend T-Shirt Sizing Chart

Baby Onesies (3mo - 24mo)

Onesies Sizing Chart

Board Shorts (aka swim trunks)

Board Shorts Sizing

Crop Tops

Crop Top Sizing Chart


Dress Sizing Chart


Hoodies Sizing Chart

Kids Tees (ages 2-6)

Kid's Tee Sizing Chart


Leggings Sizing Chart


Onesies Sizing Chart


Underwear Sizing

Unisex Tank Tops

Unisex Tank Top Sizing Chart

Women's Tanks

Women's Tank Top Sizing


Youth Tees (ages 8-12)

Youth Tee Sizing Chart






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